About Us

Hey there!

We are Teri and Kristie, the faces behind The Handmade Sign Company. We love crafting and making our houses into homes, so this business is the perfect combination of the things we love!

The day that Teri showed up to a birthday party with the same gift as someone else was the day that she stopped buying gifts at Costco and went on a hunt for unique gifts. That's where The Handmade Sign Company's 3D signs come in! 

Teri and her husband have been married for 32 years and have 6 kids (Kristie being one of them!). Kristie and her husband have been married for 2 years. Kristie loves indoor rock climbing, reading, playing the piano, cooking with her husband, and crafting. Teri loves spending time with her kids, making memories, crafting, and being outdoors in the summertime. They both love homemade bread & salted butter. 

We're so excited to be running our business from Cleveland, Ohio, where we both grew up! Things we love about Cleveland are: the ice cream (Malley's, Mitchell's, Olympia, Dairy Queen... to name a few!), the beautiful 4 seasons, the outdoor fun (Hinckley Lake, Lakewood Park, Metroparks, Huntington), and parents/grandparents are here!