Our Favorite Christmas Children's Books

Our Favorite Christmas Children's Books

We are former teachers, but our love of books has not faded with time, and neither have our large book collections. This year, we wanted to compile a list of our favorite children's books for this time of year to share with you.

1. Who is Coming To Our House?

This book is a darling one about animals in a stable preparing for someone special to come to their home Each animal prepares the home in a certain way and in the end, Baby Jesus is born there.

2. The Crippled Lamb

This book is by our favorite Max Lucado, who wrote You are Special, that we love. It is about a sweet lamb who can't walk well who has to stay behind and, actually, gets to be there to welcome baby Jesus into the world.

3. The Polar Express

Everyone knows the magical story of The Polar Express. The award-winning illustrations by Chris Van Allsburg are breathtakingly beautiful. Make sure yyour kiddos have read the book before seeing the movie! That was always the rule in our house!

4. A Little Christmas Tree

A Little Christmas Tree is about a tree who never get's chosen to be a family's Christmas tree because his branches are small and seemingly insignificant. No one will put him in the middle of their living room and admire him. No way. In the end, the little Christmas tree is carved into a Nativity and does, in fact sit in the middle of the living room for all to admire. He brings the real meaning of Christmas to a family.

5. The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey

This sweet book is about a widower, Johnathan Toomey, who is a carpenter and begrudgingly takes on the task of creating a nativity for a widow and her son. The little boy tends to fidget but knows just how the nativity should look. The carpenter softens by the end of the book and better understands the true meaning of Christmas, despite his grief.


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