Handmade Mother's Day Gems

Handmade Mother's Day Gems

I was looking through my drawer of handmade treasures from our kids the other day......for a moment, I wondered, "How did that time fly by so fast???". But, I know how. We were busy having fun, making memories and living life!  Time DOES fly when you are having fun!

There were MANY times that I needed a good nap!  But only a two hour MAXimum time frame according to Carson!  Hilarious!

This is a page from a book that Camryn made me, "My Mother Wears Many Hats" I think this is my favorite page.  I'm not sure most kids' rooms would warrant a "Good Job!" response.  But Camryn's did!  She liked (likes) everything in its place.

Look at these UNREDEEMED coupons!  What am I saving them for?!?!? Can I redeem all of them today?!?!?!

Do you save handmade treasures like these?



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