Baby Shower Gift Guide

Baby Shower Gift Guide

I have to admit.... I love showing up to a Baby Shower with a unique gift. With so many other gifts sticking to the Target registry, I like to veer off that path and find something different and darling. The last baby shower I went to was a (cute!) virtual shower. I got her a sign (of course!). It was so fun to drop my gift off ahead of time and see her fall in love with it on camera during the shower!

We compiled a bunch of adorable gift ideas, all set and ready for you to take to your next baby shower!
1. Beautiful Girl Sign
This was the sign that I brought to the last Baby Shower I attended. It was a hit!
2. Ruffle Pajamas
I'm a sucker for anything with ruffles, so this little sleeper outfit is so cute to me! This boutique is called Ruffles & Bowties, so it's right up my alley!
3. Baby Gift Box
This company called The Baby Gift Box has baby gifts all set and ready to gift! Look how cute this baby boy one is?!

4. Baby Blanket
We had to give a shoutout to another Utah company, Minky Couture! They sell the most beautiful (and VERY soft!) baby blankets!
5. Baby Shoes
We recently came across this online baby shoe store called Little Love Bug Company. I know lots of people think baby shoes are unnecessary, but look how cute these are!
6. Shhhh... Baby Sleeping Door Sign 
We just designed this darling round sign. It's perfect for hanging on a nursery door, or even your front door. I know my mom was always very serious about us kids being quiet while our baby sister was sleeping. When neighbor kids would bang on the front door (we disconnected our doorbell for the same reason!), our mom was NOT a happy camper!
7. Baby Toy
Look how cute this gender neutral baby toy is! It's so cute it's practically a room decoration too! 
8. Alphabet I Love You Sign
This darling (new!) sign in our shop is perfect for a nursery, don't you think?!
Do you have anything to add??? We would love to hear what baby gifts and baby essentials you have received and loved OR you have loved gifting! Let us know in the comments!
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